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Calling In A Marker

Comic Transcript

KING: LEFTY: Put that programmer down now!

(LEFTY releases BARRY, who falls to the floor.)

LEFTY: King? What the heck are YOU doing here?

KING: Calling in a marker, is what. Leave Barry alone.

LEFTY: Geez, King, I know I owe you but I’m not crossing management.

KING: You won’t have to. I’m not calling in your marker, I’m calling your manager and collecting his.

LEFTY: You know Tony the Squid?

KING: I thought your manager was Benny the Head.

LEFTY: He was, a few years ago. Unfortunately he was the victim of corporate restructuring.

KING: What do you mean?

LEFTY: They put him in the foundation of a new office building.


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