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Weighing The Options

Comic Transcript

BRIAN: OK team — “netbooks” are very popular ticket items these days, so we need to find a way to capitalize on them. Ideas?

ALICE: Well for one thing we can’t call them “netbooks.”

BRIAN: We can’t?

ALICE: No. A company called Psion owns an international trademark on the term. It’s been sending cease & desist letters to anyone trying to use the phrase.

BRIAN: What’s the generic term for netbook?

ALICE: “Sub-notebook.”

BRIAN: That’s terrible. “Netbook” sounds like sleek technology designed for a specific purpose. “Sub-notebook” sounds like crippled hardware foisted on an unsuspecting public.

SHELLY: Unfortunately true.

BRIAN: It seems we only have one option.

ALICE: Buy them out so we can own their patents and trademarked terms?

PHIL: Sue them into oblivion so their trademarks are no longer legally enforceable?

FRANK: Intimidate them until they’re too afraid to enforce their trademarks against us?

BRIAN: I was going to say “think of another cool word we can use instead of ‘Netbook.'” But you’re right… we have at least four options.

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