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Read The Box Carefully

Comic Transcript

ALEX: Ubersoft Technical Suport, Alex speaking. How may I help you today?

CUSTOMER: I was doing my taxes using your “UberTaxUltimate” program, and I have a complaint.

ALEX: We’re very sorry you’re running into difficulty using the application. UberTaxUltimate is designed to be a straightforward, easy-to-use tax calculation assistant, but–

CUSTOMER: Oh, I’m not having a problem using it. It’s just calculating my taxes wrong.

ALEX: Well I don’t think that’s —

CUSTOMER: On the box it says it was designed to maximize my tax return, but I had an accountant friend look over the result and he says there were a number of things it should have done that it didn’t.

ALEX: Our.


ALEX: UberTaxUltimate is designed to maximize OUR tax return.

CUSTOMER: YOUR tax return? Well what good does that do me?

ALEX: It satisfies a latent philanthropic urge?

CUSTOMER: That’s not it.

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