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Initial Missteps

Comic Transcript

BRIAN: Let’s get to work! I want to hear viable, marketable alternatives to “Netbook,” and I want to hear them now!

PHIL: What about “Webbook?”

BRIAN: The Web is too focused. Sure, everyone loves the web but it’s all part of this new Web 2.0 cloud integration thing. If we’re going to capitalize on the web the last thing we want to do is actually mention it. Next!

SKIP: “Lightbook?”

BRIAN: Too vague. is it a sleek, ultraportable laptop or is it a very awkwardly designed lamp? I don’t know.Next!

SHEILA: “Coolbook?”

BRIAN: Our laptops run so hot they cause third degree burns if they’re left on someone’s lap for more than a minute. Hip irony is a product of the 90s. Next!

FRANK: “Netbook!”


BRIAN: Someone please explain to Frank what we’re trying to do here. Again.

FRANK: What? I think it’ll sell.

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