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The Perception Of Value

Comic Transcript

ALEX: The truth is, Nifty Doorways 7: “Dust Bowl” Edition is yet another weapon in our war against Linux.

CUSTOMER: How? It’s a stripped-down, crippled version of your operating system, while Linux is filled with extra features and completely free.

ALEX: Exactly. Linux is free. “Dust Bowl” is cheap.

CUSTOMER: Free is better than cheap.

ALEX: For consumers, maybe. But if you want to sell something to companies, cheap is always better than free.

CUSTOMER: How do you figure that?

ALEX: Companies distrust free. To them, free means “we don’t support this software.” If they pay for something, they can reasonably expect some level of support for it.

CUSTOMER: So they’re paying for your support?

ALEX: No, we don’t actually provide any support for “Dust Bowl…” but it’s reasonable for them to think we do.

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