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He May Have Been Thinking Of Mimes

Comic Transcript

ADALAI FOULE: Gentlemen, the problem this industry faces today speaks to the very nature of evil itself.

ADALAI FOULE: This industry focuses on nurturing a coercive evil into a self-inflicted evil — that is to say, it begins with someone inflicting a heightened level of spiritual or supernatural suffering upon a victim, and ends with the victim eventually inflicting that suffering upon themselves.

ADALAI FOULE: The problem, at the moment, is one of suffering — your customer base has become so desensitized to the standard means of inflicting evil upon them that they are no longer seen as evil. Some have even, quite perversely, started lauding those same evils as virtues.

STEVE JOBS: I don’t understand.

ADALAI FOULE: Look at this way: if I called an intern into this room, told him to pick up the pitcher of water sitting on the conference table and forced him to club himself in the head with it, over and over again, until he passed out, that would normally be considered an act of evil. If, however, the intern willingly and enthusiastically agreed to do it and further suffered no ill effects from it,t he act is no longer evil. It is, at best, merely performance art.


THE BOSS: I always thought performance art was evil.

ADALAI FOULE: A common mistake.

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