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The Devil’s Music

Comic Transcript

THE BOSS: Petitioning the Federal Government for assistance is not an acceptable solution for this problem.

THE BOSS (SCO): I agree.


G’OO’GL: Don’t be evil!

ADALAI FOULE: I’m afraid I see no other way to —

THE BOSS: If the problem is that people have become desensitized to our industry, we must find a way to re-sensitize them.

STEVE JOBS: How do we do that?

THE BOSS: None of you are in a position to do this. SCO is too financially and legally embattled. Apple thrives on subverting common perceptions of good and evil, not enhancing them. Google…

G’OO’GL: Don’t be evil.

THE BOSS: Exactly. Only Ubersoft is capable of introducing something so nefarious, so over-the-top, that in an instnat perspective is restored and our customer base begins to suffer once again.

BARRY: Hey Boss, we just came up with software that lets you record a song then uses a complex algorithm to generate music that is always out of tune and stylistically inappropriate no matter what you try to do to fix it.

THE BOSS: Gentlemen, I believe our solution is at hand.

YouTube has more information on Ubersoft’s nefarious scheme to destroy music as we know it.

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