A Cornucopia Of Versions

Comic Transcript

ALEX: Ubersoft Technical Support, Alex speaking. How can I assist you today?

CUSTOMER: I was reading about the next version fo Nifty Doorways — version 7 — and I read that you plan on limiting the number of applications that can be run at the same time. Is that true?

ALEX: It is, but only for the Nifty Doorways: “Dust Bowl” edition.

CUSTOMER: “Dust Bowl?”

ALEX: Yes, we’re selling three versions of Nifty Doorways 7. The “Dust Bowl” edition, which is a stripped down version intended for the Netbook and sub-notebook market, the “Land of Milk and Honey” edition, which contains everything a user needs to use an operating system in relative comfort and prosperity, and the “Ostentatious Largesse” edition, which contains everything we could possibly think of that is operating-system related crammed into one nearly overflowing DVD.

CUSTOMER: How many applications can I run with the “Ostentatious Largesse” edition?

ALEX: None, but that’s only because you need three computers running in tandem to get it to boot.

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