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Comic Transcript

THE BOSS: For the last few weeks we have been receiving a somewhat… overwhelmingly positive response to the beta release of Nifty Doorways 7. Granted, due to the lapse in judgment of certain employees the beta was released free of charge and this may have colored the public’s judgment… but even taking that into account I was expecting some outrage over the fact that we were releasing what is essentially a service pack that fixes Nifty Doorways Verandah as a full version upgrade.

THE BOSS: We did not get that outrage. Instead we got enthusiasm and near universal praise.

G’OO’GL: Don’t be evil?

STEVE JOBS: The Face of Google has a point. Why SHOULD we care? It’s not our fault your products aren’t inflicting the level of suffering you intended. It sounds like an internal matter to me.

ADALAI FOULE: I’m afraid I have to disagree.

THE BOSS: Gentlemen, this is Adalai Foule. I’ve hired him as a consultant to look into this matter.

ADALAI FOULE: Not only is this NOT an internal matter, but it has the potential to permanently alter the very fabric of your industry. For the worse, I’m afraid.

STEVE JOBS: And why should I believe you?

ADALAI FOULE: I am a Dentist.

STEVE JOBS: Keep talking.

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