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Offended Sensibilities

Comic Transcript

THE BOSS: I just got off the phone with the head of McFoodStuffs’ London Office.

ALICE: What did you say?

THE BOSS: I told him I was aware of this sandwich-making patent of theirs, and that I refused to acknowledge it. I told them I would fight their inevitable IP lawsuit to the bitter end!

ALICE: You tell ’em, Boss! We’ll show them we aren’t afraid of their lawyers!

THE BOSS: That’s when they told me their patent was a for a mechanical device that was designed to help their employees mass produce sandwiches quickly while ensuring they all the taste the same, and that they had no intention of suing us unless we were actually using that device to mass-produce sandwiches.

ALICE: I see.

THE BOSS: In other words, it appears they are using the patent office exactly how the patent office was intended to be used.

ALICE: I see.

THE BOSS: Needless to say I find their willingness to use the patent office appropriately nothing short of disgusting.

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