At Least There’s A Hardcopy Backup

Comic Transcript

ALEX: Ubersoft Technical Support, Alex speaking. How may I assist you today?

CUSTOMER: I’m the IT Manager for Claus-Kringle LLC up here at the North Pole. We’re having some pretty serious issues with our new database.

ALEX: I’ll be happy to try and resolve the problem. What is the nature of the database issues you’re having?

CUSTOMER: Well over the summer we decided to convert “The List” into a relational database so we could optimize our inventory management…

CUSTOMER: … anyway, the main problem is that it seems to have flagged every single person on “The List” as “Naughty.” ALL of them. Needless to say our CEO is not happy and he’s demanding an explanation. Do you know why it’s doing this?

ALEX: The decline of morality in the modern age?

CUSTOMER: Well I hope that’s covered in our support contract.

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