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Not The Cloud They Had In Mind

Comic Transcript

BARRY: Stupid operating system!

ALEX: You sound like a customer today.

BARRY: I can’t help it. My first big project as the lead Ubersoft Programmer, and they want me to design a “Tag Cloud” Operating System!

ALEX: A what?

BARRY: You know, like one of those websites where they collect the most popular terms and phrases found on their site, and they put them all together, and the more popular phrases are given larger font sizes in relation to their popularity.

ALEX: I know what a tag cloud is. But Alice told me our new operating system deals with “The Cloud,” not a “Tag Cloud.” You just misunderstood.


ALEX: You don’t seem too upset about this.

BARRY: I’m actually kind of relieved. I was getting tired of looking at the word “CRASH” in 172-point Times New Roman Bold.

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