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Credit Where Credit Is Due

Comic Transcript

BARRY: All right, Binky, let’s start the test.

BINKY: Sure thing, Skipper!

BARRY: … right… log in to the system with the account name and password we gave you.

BINKY: Sure thing, Skipper!

BARRY: Now click on the first software listing you see on the main screen, then click on the “Buy” button.

BINKY: Sure thing, Skipper!

BARRY: Now enter in your mailing address and your credit card information and press the “Finalize Sale” button.

BINKY: Sure thing, Skippe — oh, hey! Neat!

BARRY: Neat? What’d it do?

BINKY: It looks like the application charged the credit card ten times what the software was worth!

BARRY: I guess we’ll have to fix that. I’m glad to see you’re not panicking about your credit card.

BINKY: Paperclips don’t have credit cards! I’m using yours!

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