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This Is Also Made Of Vapor

Comic Transcript

ALICE: Heads up, big brother. We’ve got a new product we’re going to be pushing through and I want tech support ready to hype it for all it’s worth.

ALEX: What are we mindlessly pushing on our customers now?

ALICE: Don’t be cheeky. Due to the extreme popularity of the marketing phrase “cloud computing,” we’re going to be pushing a new operating system that is optimized for “The Cloud.”

ALEX: So you’re re-branding the thin client.

ALICE: No, the thin client is a client/server technology. This technology is based on “The Cloud.”

ALEX: Which is server based.

ALICE: In part.

ALEX: And accessed through a client.

ALICE: Yes, but since it utilizes apps from “The Cloud” we won’t need a very large hardware or software footprint on the client machines and —

ALEX: So you’re re-branding the thin client.

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