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Shell Games For Fun And Profit

Comic Transcript

SCO LAWYER: I believe we’ve set up everything we need. We’ve spun off the “main” company — the one involved in all the litigation and with all the debt — into a shell corporation that now exists in name only, which took out a large loan from SCO Financial Fiduciary Largesse & Wagers.

SCO LAWYER: Since SCO is unable to repay the loan — especially when you consider the thoroughly unreasonable terms of the loan itself — SCOFFL&W has taken possession of all its assets and debts.

THE BOSS (SCO): And because SCOFFL&W had no capital to begin with…

SCO LAWYER: It is now in extreme financial peril.

THE BOSS (SCO): Call the Federal Government. Tell them to give us ridiculously large sums of money.

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