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Good Morning, Bad Judgement

Comic Transcript

NARRATOR: It was a story I’d heard before: boy meets girl, girl’s father hates boy, boy stops coming around. But when both the girl and the father are rich and used to getting their own way, the details of that story can get ugly.

JAKE NERO: Why didn’t you go to the police?


APRIL WINESAP: My father is a very influential man, Mr. Nero. When he doesn’t want the police to be involved… You’re the only chance I have left to learn what happened to him.

JAKE NERO: So let me get this straight: you want me to go against a powerful man who ha influence with the police department in order to determine whether or not he was responsible for the disappearance of your fiancee?

APRIL WINESAP: That’s right.

NARRATOR: I should have walked away. I should have told the lady I wasn’t interested, that I didn’t get involved in family disputes — not when the family in question owned every cop that walked the beat in my neighborhood. I should have told her I didn’t need the trouble.

JAKE NERO: Twenty five dollars a day plus expenses. I’ll be in touch.

NARRATOR: I don’t do a lot of the things I should.

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