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Comic Transcript

ALICE: Phil, meet your new co-workers. In order, this is Skip, Brian (our VP of Marketing), Frank, and Shelly.

BRIAN: A pleasure to meet you. Welcome to the the group.

PHIL: The pleasure’s all mine. So what are we working on today?

BRIAN: I’ve tasked our group to put our heads together to come up with an appropriate response to the “I’m a Mac/I’m a PC” ads Apple has been putting out. They’re killing us on TV.

PHIL: Oh, you mean the ads where Mac is a well-dressed, polite, nice guy who can do everything and PC is a lovable but inept and hyper-competitive loser who always fails? I love those ads! They’re so entertaining!


PHIL: But perhaps now isn’t the time to talk about that.

ALICE: Perhaps not.

CARTOONIST’S NOTE: In this comic the woman on the far right is introduced as “Shelly.” However, it seems that going forward I completely forgot about this and referred to her as “Sheila” for the rest of the run. For that reason, she is listed as “Sheila” in the tags. The Cartoonist regrets this error, but only a little bit.

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