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An Important Employee Evaluation

Comic Transcript

PHIL: Hallo old boy. You wanted to see me?

BOSS: Yes… I did.

BOSS: Ever since you underwent your… transformation at the hands of a team of Apple Engineers I have been watching you closely. Your new, suave, debonair manner has been a source of some concern for a while. you appear loyal, but did Steve Jobs implant secret commands in your brain? Are you, in fact, a tool intended to bring about my destruction?

PHIL: Well, I —

BOSS: When you first returned to work I said nothing. I simply watched, and I instructed some of my minions to watch. We watched you return to work, watched you interact with your department, even watched you when you left for the day. Based on this surveillance I have reached my conclusion.

PHIL: And you’ve decided your worries were groundless, and that I’m a loyal company man?


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