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Crossing The Tracks

Comic Transcript

NARRATOR: She was a dame and a half all right. not only was she drop-dead gorgeous, but she radiated class… the kind of class that came from spending your whole life on the right side of town mingling with the right kind of people and talking about the right kind of things.

NARRATOR: She wasn’t the kind of gal who went to the Skids just to talk to a broken-down gumshoe and whiskey-soaked partner. She had people to do that kind of thing for her. She was taken care of. She had a service plan.

NARRATOR: All of which raised the question: What was she doing here, in this part of town, sitting in my office?

WOMAN IN BLACK: I guess you’re wondering what I’m doing here, in this part of town, sitting in your office.

NARRATOR: Maybe she was auditioning with the circus. I heard they were looking for mind readers.

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