Not To Be Questioned

Comic Transcript

JIM WASHINGTON: The blogging community holds its breath today as the Associated Press meets with what it calls “official representatives of the blogging community” to resolve a thorny issue concerning the re-posting of its news releases, which it claims is a violation of its rights under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

JIM WASHINGTON: The AP has been roundly criticized not only for attempting to assert its rights in an area that many claim is protected by the “Fair Use” exception under Copyright law, but for meeting with so-called “official representatives” of a community that denies that it has any official representatives whatsoever.

JIM WASHINGTON: With us today is a spokesman for the Associated Press to explain their actions.

SPOKESMAN FOR THE ASSOCIATED PRESS: Well Jim, we think we’re being very reasonable. It’s only natural to meet with industry leaders to agree on standards and best practices going forward.

JIM WASHINGTON: How do you respond to the bloggers who complain that there are no official representatives of the blogging community?

SPOKESMAN FOR THE ASSOCIATED PRESS: I’d say that they need to be better aware of what’s going on in their community. One of the representatives even has business cards.

JIM WASHINGTON: That doesn’t necessarily —

SPOKESMAN FOR THE ASSOCIATED PRESS: It uses a Copperplate Gothic font, Jim. It uses a Copperplate Gothic font.

NEWS TICKERTAPE: Breaking: Federal Investigators charge woman for using “false identity” on MySpace, citing violation of MySpace Terms of Service, punishable by up to 5 years in prison :: In unrelated news, the Justice Department is run by a pack of brainless idiots.

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