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The Subtext Is All Wrong

Comic Transcript

SCOTT: Look this has all been a big misunderstanding.

JAKE SLADE: That’s what they all say. Get out your gun!

SCOTT: I don’t have a gun.

JAKE SLADE: Fine. Spring your deathtrap, then. I’ll shoot you right after I escape.

SCOTT: I don’t have any deathtraps! I don’t do deathtraps! I don’t kill people!

JAKE SLADE: What kind of self-respecting villain doesn’t kill people?

SCOTT: That’s my POINT! I’m not a villain! I’m just an average guy working a 9-5 job, trying to get by like everyone else!


SCOTT: … who wears a sinister robe covered in sinister arcane runes.

JAKE SLADE: That’s the part I have a problem with.

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