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Exploiting The Situation

Comic Transcript

BOSS: This is perfect! My triumph is nigh!

ALICE: Beg pardon?

BOSS: The Associated Press has declared it wants to meet with an official representative of bloggers to work out guidelines for using its stories in blog posts.


BOSS: The Associated Press is a large, pre-Internet organization. Large, pre-Internet organizations have no true understanding of the Internet and its culture. Therefore, if they feel it necessary to meet with official representatives of bloggers it is logical to assume that there are no official representatives for bloggers at all. I can exploit the AP’s ignorance in a dastardly scheme to get sole use of their proprietary content!

ALICE: But we’re also a large, pre-Internet organization. By your own logic, if we conclude there are no official representatives for bloggers there might actually be some.


BOSS: It appears I will need to speak with someone well-versed in Internet culture.

ALICE: I’ll get my brother.

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