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Duly Licensed

Comic Transcript

BOSS: So what you are saying is that “Blogging” is a loosely-defined term that encompasses a wide range of activity on the Internet.

ALEX: Pretty much.

BOSS: And the Associated press, in trying to talk to an “official representative” of blogging, is acting out of gross ignorance and a fundamental misunderstanding of the “Blogging Community.”

ALEX: Right again.

BOSS: Perfect. Now I just need to find someone willing to represent themselves as an official representative of this “Blogosphere,” and —

KING: That’d be me.

BOSS: What?

ALEX: What?

KING: Yeah, I even have business cards.

ALEX: The bearer of this card is a duly licensed representative of the Internet.”

KING: I use them to get into Trade Shows.

BOSS: I do not want a duly licensed representative of the “Internet.” I want a duly licensed representative of the “Blogosphere.”

KING: I keep those in my checkbook.

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