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Rolling Out The Astroturf

Comic Transcript

JIM WASHINGTON: Amid charges that Ubersoft used “undue influence’ to introduce “voting irregularities” into the process to recognize the Ubersoft Marketing Language as an ISO standard, Ubersoft is firing back at people covering this process, accusing them of being little more than “attack dogs” for Ubersoft’s competitors and for distorting the truth in order to “fit their agenda of destroying an honest company.”

JIM WASHINGTON: With me in the studio is Viktor Schreck, Ubersoft’s Chief Counsel, to state their position more fully.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Thank you Jim.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Unfortunately, the truth of what really happened during the voting process has been distorted by people who hate Ubersoft so much that they are willing to distort and misrepresent the truth. Sites like Gorklaw, which has a long, storied history of not allowing Ubersoft employees to formally respond to their accusations on their own site.

JIM WASHINGTON: Groklaw claims that you never tried to formally respond on their site, but that you tried to create an account that gave the impression you were an “average internet user” with no direct connection to Ubersoft in any way.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Completely untrue.

JIM WASHINGTON: They claim your account ID was “IAMNOTUBERSOFT.”

VIKTOR SCHRECK: I was merely waxing philosophic.

JIM WASHINGTON: They claim your account signature was “I am an average Internet user with no direct connection to Ubersoft in any way.”

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Next question.

TICKERTAPE: Company sues another company over patent infringement :: “Our intellectual property was violated!” company explains :: Other company settles out of court for unreasonably large sum to avoid litigation :: “That’s all we were trying to do,” SCO says. “Was that so wrong?” :: “Yes,” Judge replies.

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