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Possibly Incriminating

Comic Transcript

ALICE: I’m here to search your e-mail.

KING: You’re… what?

ALICE: Apparently some people think we deliberately lowered the hardware requirements for our “Verandah Possible” label to the point that computers that can’t actually run Verandah were able to qualify for it. and they’re suing us over it.

KING: Well… we did.

ALICE: That’s not the point. The point is that we need to go through everyone’s email records to see if anyone has said anything incriminating. We need to do this before those records get subpoenaed so we can anticipate them and craft and appropriate response.

KING: You mean like when I wrote “hey, I sort of think deliberately lowering our hardware standards below what Verandah actually needs to run is a really bad idea and will probably make a lot of people really angry?”


KING: And when I wrote “I’m pretty sure that claiming that a machine can run Verandah when it only has half the RAM it actually needs is going to cause trouble for us down the road?”


KING: What about when I wrote “seriously, if I bought one of these ‘Verandah Possible’ computers and I actually tried to run Verandah on it I’d probably wind up trying to sue us?”

ALICE: We may need to take your entire machine.

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