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Substandard Standardization

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JIM WASHINGTON: In tonight’s main story, it appears that Ubersoft’s attempt to get their “Ubersoft Marketing Language” approved as an ISO standard will finally meet with success. UML is expected to be approved, having gained the more than 23 majority of votes needed.

JIM WASHINGTON: This success does not come without controversy: reports of voting irregularities, including one instance where 19 people voted against, 5 voted for, and the administrative oversight for that group tallied the voted as “approved,” have been making the rounds on many technology blogs covering the entire process.

JIM WASHINGTON: Reports that Ubersoft-designed voting machines were used in the tallying of said votes are so far unsubstantiated.

TICKERTAPE: Nothing much happening today, but they pay me per letter so I’m going to keep typing anyway :: Ignore the tickertape, I’m just trying to make rent

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