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His Own Worst Enemy

Comic Transcript

ADALAI FOULE: Your Honor, the crux of my defense is simple: my client is an innocent man who is being unfairly harassed by the plaintiff, who has manufactured these spurious charges to hide the real reason for this lawsuit.

JUDGE: And this real reason is?

ADALAI FOULE: Jealousy, Your Honor. Professional jealousy, plain and simple.


ADALAI FOULE: Is it? Your Honor, a quick examination of the legal records of both my client and this man will find that they are identical in every way. Who wouldn’t be jealous of that kind of competition?

JUDGE: Mr. Foule, their legal records are identical because they are the same man.

ADALAI FOULE: What’s your point?

JUDGE: My point is… well, you can’t… it just doesn’t…

JUDGE: Nevermind. Please continue insulting the intelligence of this court.

ADALAI FOULE: Thank you, I will.

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