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Great Expectations

Comic Transcript

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Your Honor, at this time, with your permission, I’d like to introduce even more secret evidence that will, without question, prove the defendant’s guilt.

JUDGE: Mr. Schreck, for the last time, this court will not accept —

ALICE: ‘Scuse me a minute. Viktor, we need to talk.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Right. If you will pardon me, Your Honor. Apparently some new evidence has been brought to light.

JUDGE: What is going on?

ADALAI FOULE: I believe they are ready to concede defeat, Your Honor. So far my defense has been stellar.


JUDGE: So far your defense has consisted of saying “no, he didn’t” every time Mr. Schreck says “yes, he did.”

ADALAI FOULE: I expect their full and unconditional surrender.

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