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The Art Of Allusion

Comic Transcript

PHIL: We’ve got a little problem.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Did you get the telephone records?

PHIL: The phone company wants to know why we want them.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Just tell them that the person’s name came up on a Federal database and we’re conducting an investigation.

PHIL: I already did that. They want some sort of proof that we’re with the Federal Government before they give us any information without a warrant.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Tell them we cannot legally admit that we’re part of the Federal Government and we cannot legally admit that we’re investigating anything to do with suspected terrorist activity.

PHIL: Right.


PHIL: We’re in.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: The best part is that everything we told them is 100% true.

MARK: I really hate you guys.

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