Re-Inventing The Millstone

Comic Transcript

BOSS: I despise the new year.

BOSS: By October it seems like we’ve managed to drain the hope from our customer base — destroyed their hopes, their dreams, their ambitions. They look upon the encroaching winter and imagine it to be a reflection of their souls… bleak, cold, unforgiving, full of darkness.

BOSS: And then? By January, suddenly people are full of HOPE. They sense possibility, opportunity, they look to the horizon eagerly believing that the new year will be better than the last, even when there is nothing to indicate that ANYTHING will ever change for the better! And so, instead of pushing the world to new heights of despair and hopelessness, we must instead work to bring them back to the same place they were before this new year undid all our hard work from the year before!

ALEX: Apple and Linux gained marketshare, did they?

BOSS: I despise the new year.

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