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A Person Of Special Interest

Comic Transcript

ALICE: Oh, there you all are. Viktor’s choosing another victim, is he?

MARK: Yes, and the database keeps selecting my name!

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Don’t worry. As long as you continue to be of value we’ll refrain from suing you into oblivion.

MARK: That’s not the point!

VIKTOR SCHRECK: So you WANT us to sue you to oblivion?

MARK: No, I —

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Then I fail to see what the point IS.

MARK: The point is that I’m even considered a viable target in the first place!

BARRY: More than viable. That database really has it out for you.

COMPUTER: Please let me have this one. I beg.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Just run it again.

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