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Comic Transcript

BOSS: I have a problem that demands immediate action!

ALICE: What is it, Boss?

BOSS: A deplorable union known as the Writer’s Guild of America is on strike, demanding that they see revenue for content they create that is distributed on the Internet!

ALICE: So? Our writers are strictly work-for-hire. It’s in our contract, iron-clad. And we don’t product entertainment, anyway.

BOSS: Irrelevant. The problem is that as a show of solidarity, cute furry animals are refusing to do amusing things on camera! There will be a sudden shortage of online videos of cute furry animals being whimsically entertaining!

ALICE: … why do you care, Boss? I thought you hated Internet entertainment.

BOSS: Irrelevant! “The Masses” LOVE Internet entertainment. If cute furry animals refuse to satiate the appetite of “the Masses” for videos of cute furry animals doing whimsical and entertaining things, it might just add support to this deplorable Union. We must not allow Unions to hold sway! We must combat this threat with all our collective might!



Today’s comic was inspired by this.

Thanks to Fleen for pointing it out.

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