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The Hammer Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

Comic Transcript

MARK: Where is she?

ALEX: Back there. Breaking things.


MARK: Mom! Cut it out!

MARK’S MOM: Mark? Is that you, dear?

ALEX: “Mom?”

MARK: Mom, put the hammer down and come out now.

MARK’S MOM: I haven’t finished destroying everything in here. There’s a lovely little scanner in here that’s still mostly in one piece.


MARK: Mom! Cut it out!

MARK’S MOM: Don’t take that tone with me, young man. You’re not so big that I can’t put you across my knee.

MARK: Now is not the time —

MARK’S MOM: Are you seeing anyone?

MARK: Mom!

MARK’S MOM: I’ll make you a deal. I’ll drop the hammer and come out as soon as you give me grandchildren.

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