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A Ghost In The Machine

Comic Transcript

ALEX: Mark, is that really your mom?

MARK: Yep.

BOSS: Woman, I am far older than you are!

MARK’S MOM: I doubt that. You have a very young voice.

KING: She’s really good at destroying expensive equipment.

MARK: Family trait.

BOSS: I am!

MARK’S MOM: It’s not polite to lie.


BOSS: I am not polite! I am an ancient evil that has existed since before the dawn of time!

MARK’S MOM: Fiddlesticks.

MONK: So what do you want to do for lunch!

MARK: That depends on whether or not this gets me fired.

BOSS: I have had enough of this! I am coming in! Prepare to face my wrath!


MARK: I am so fired.

BOSS: I believe your mother has escaped through our ventilation system.

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