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Giving The Devil His Due

Comic Transcript

JIM WASHINGTON: Controversy erupted at LinuxWorld today as the Executive Director of the Linux Foundation gave a talk where he urged Linux supporters to “stop making fun of Ubersoft.”

JIM WASHINGTON: “Seriously,” he reportedly said. “Stop doing it. We need to admit that Ubersoft does some things well, like bullying competitors and illegally forcing the market to limit consumer choice.”

JIM WASHINGTON: “If we could just put our biases to one side and climb on board that train,” he concluded, the Linux market would be pretty sweet right now. That’s all I’m saying.”

JIM WASHINGTON: Unfortunately our coverage of the event was destroyed in the ensuing riot.

NEWS TICKERTAPE: Noted Anarchist urges fellow travelers to “please stop being mean to all the statists.” :: SCO says “are not.” Judge says “are too.” SCO says “are not.” Judge says “Uniqque wins.” “Rats,” SCO says

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