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Betting On Evil

Comic Transcript

ALICE: How can you be truly happy with the lukewarm reception Nifty Doorways Verandah is getting in the market?

BOSS: You forget that I did not go into business intending to make my customer base happy.

BOSS: I am a creature of darkness, Alice. I thrive on anger, terror, resentment and despair. the reaction to Verandah is a lesser form of each.

ALICE: So this is what you wanted all along?

BOSS: No. It is merely an acceptable alternative. It is a workman’s attempt at evil — it will suffice, but it does not show true mastery.

ALICE: What would you consider “true mastery”?

BOSS: If the customer felt immeasurable of anger, terror, resentment and despair, all the time convincing himself that he was indescribably happy.

ALICE: Have you ever seen that?

BOSS: Yes.

ALICE: Where?

BOSS: Every casino in Las Vegas.

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