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Sacrifices Must Be Made

Comic Transcript

BOSS: We cannot allow Scott to resign. We must find a way to force him to stay!

ALICE: Maybe we don’t have to coerce him at all. Maybe we can appeal to his better nature.

BOSS: I do not enjoy appealing to a humans better nature.

ALICE: I know, but think about it — if we allow Scott to do some “good” things on the job — make it easier for him to actually help customers, things like that — then he’ll be more inclined to stay.

BOSS: … help customers?

ALICE: But only him! The small number of customers he helps will never measure up to the sheer volume of evil we produce very day. It won’t affect our bottom line at all, but will keep Scott satisfied with his job.

BOSS: So we permit some good in order to serve the greater evil.

ALICE: Exactly. Does that bother you?

BOSS: No, but I think Google owns the patent.

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