Help Desk

A Lunchtime Revelation

Comic Transcript

KING: … so I put him on hold for three hours.

ALEX: Good one.

SCOTT: That does it.

SCOTT: Every week I listen to you guys talk about all the terrible things you do to our customers… and every week I ask myself “why do I work here?” I mean, let’s face facts — the only reason I’m still employed is that if Ubersoft doesn’t have at least one token honest, hard-working employee to use as an amoral compass then the rest of you will start exhibiting moral behavior!

SCOTT: It’s hopeless. Ubersoft is never going to change as long as I keep working here. I quit.


SCOTT: By the way, thanks for inviting me out to lunch. It was a nice change of pace.

ALEX: Don’t mention it.

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