Unexpected Success

Comic Transcript

VIKTOR SCHRECK: It seems that our decision to use the First Amendment as a legal defense for our sharing private customer data with the Federal Government is paying off surprisingly well.


VIKTOR SCHRECK: Yes… apparently some judges have indicated a willingness to take the argument seriously.

ALEX: Why does this surprise you so much? I thought that was the whole point.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Not really. I ultimately expected the argument to fail when it finally reached court.

ALEX: Then why make it in the first place?

VIKTOR SCHRECK: There are many ways to win a case, Alex. If you’re working with limited funds, then you choose what looks like your strongest legal defense and you promote it as vigorously as you can through the proceedings. When your company has much deeper pockets, however, sometimes it’s more effective to choose the defense that will most thoroughly annoy and frustrate your opponent, stringing him along with motion after motion until so much time has passed that the very thing he is suing you for has become an accepted industry practice and the entire point is moot.

ALEX: You frighten me.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: I am a lawyer.

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