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Cut Off At The Pass

Comic Transcript

MARK: Guys… there’s no need to take drastic measures. My internet service is down — it’s annoying, but I can manage without it. The only problem, at the moment, is that I was trying to email myself some work I took home with me. No big deal — I’ll just put it on my thumb drive. I’ll load it on to my PC directly.

HENRY: Hello, gentlemen. And by “hello, gentlemen” I mean “Pay attention to what I’m about to say or I’ll be forced to beat you to death with this old dot matrix printer I found in one of our storage closets that is inexplicably missing a door.”

MARK: Er… hi Henry.


MONK: Hi Henry…

HENRY: Silence!

HENRY: I stopped by to inform you that as of this morning, Ubersoft is instituting a new policy on thumb drives. The use of personal thumb drives to transfer information between private and company-owned property is now strictly prohibited.

HENRY: If you absolutely MUST exchange data between a work and home machine, you may petition IT to have a VPN access account set up for your home machine. There are no exceptions to this rule.

MARK: What if your internet access isn’t —


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