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Identifying The Enemy

Comic Transcript

ALEX: Sir, based on our proprietary and 100% accurate security breach analysis tools, we are at least 98% certain that your site is, in fact, used for phishing.

ERIC BURNS: It’s just not true!

ALEX: Sir, your site is filled with hacker code words and references.

ERIC BURNS: It’s… what? Like what exactly?

ALEX: Take the name of your website. First of all it mentions the web, which we all know is a wasteland of software pirates, script kiddies, back hat hackers and Free Software devotees. By calling attention ot the web you could be sending out a beacon to identity thieves all over the world.

ERIC BURNS: That’s ridiculous.

ALEX: Also, the name of your website incorporates the term “snark,” which according to the Jargon File — an online dictionary for Linux enthusiasts and other programmer malcontents — is “often used to refer to an event or a log file entry that might indicate an attempted security violation.”

ERIC BURNS: That’s not the only definit —

ALEX: Also, it appears you use a Mac.

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