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Comic Transcript

ALICE: Boss, we’ve finished writing an opinion piece coming out against the “Blogger Code of Ethics” and we’re planning to run it in the next issue of —

BOSS: Not so fast.

BOSS: I have studied this issue and I believe it is actually in our interests to support Tim O’Reilly’s efforts to create this “Blogger Code of Ethics.”

ALICE: It is?

BOSS: Yes. The biggest problem we had with the Internet is that it is unregulated. Anyone can say anything, even things we don’t want said, with little or not threat of retribution.

BOSS: If these “Bloggers” create a self-imposed regulatory structure, it will give us a foundation we can use to gradually subvert the entire milieu.

ALICE: So you want us to write an opinion piece supporting his idea?

BOSS: Absolutely not. The more we disagree with him, the more people will believe he may actually have a point.

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