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Deconstructing Chapter Five

Comic Transcript

ALEX: Sir, I’m putting you on speakerphone. The technical writer would like to have a word with you.

MARK: I understand you’re having some sort of problem with my documentation?

ERIC BURNS: Well it depends on how you look at it, I guess…I just think all the religious themes — especially in the chapters where the device drivers are concerned — undercut the main thrust of the work.

MARK: There aren’t any religious themes in my documentation.

ERIC BURNS: I disagree. It’s everywhere you look. Especially in chapter five of the Nifty Doorways user manual.

MARK: Chapter five? Chapter five deals with printer configuration.

ERIC BURNS: Yes, printer configuration — a fruitless exercise, given that the printer will crash no matter what you do, and it will invariably be because of a faulty printer driver.

MARK: So what?

ERIC BURNS: Leave it to a writer to write about the death of God and not notice.

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