What Really Happened At Dell

Comic Transcript

ALICE: This weekend one of our interns put a new poll on our website. He was fishing for ideas for a new line of computers, and he wanted to see what kind of computer our customer base wanted to buy.

ALEX: What did he learn?

ALICE: … apparently a large number of our customers want to buy machines with Linux pre-installed on them.

ALEX: Uh-oh.

ALICE: It gets worse. Our intern then put a poll to determine what distribution of Linux those customers preferred. By late Saturday the press got word that “Ubersoft was considering selling the Linux operating system on its PCs” and they’ve been running with it ever since.

ALEX: Ouch.

ALICE: It’s a real mess.

ALEX: I can imagine. So what happened to the intern?

ALICE: He’ll be disciplined in the usual manner.


BINKY: Hi Skipper! For the net three days we’re going to talk about how much fun we can have with Intellectual Property Law!

INTERN: Please… no…

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