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Comic Transcript

MARK: Phil… you look like you’re actually doing work.

PHIL: Don’t get too excited. I’m just doing a little spring cleaning.

MARK: Spring cleaning?

PHIL: We’ve got all this information archived on dis that we don’t use any more, so once a year we reformat all the storage so we can use it again.

MARK: Aren’t you worried about formatting over something important?

PHIL: Mark, these disks have been sitting in an old storage closet for almost a year. If there were important data stored on them, someone would have asked for them by now.

ALICE: Hey Phil, we’re trying to find some disks containing extremely important financial data that we secured in the old storage closet across the hall from our office. Do you know where they went?

PHIL: I’ve really got to stop setting myself up for things like that.

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