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Our Boy Washington

Comic Transcript

ALICE: … so when you are talking to customers on the phone, please try to work into the conversation that you are using Nifty Doorways Verandah on your own machine, and that you are much happier with it than you were with previous versions.

ALICE: Are there any questions?

SCOTT: We don’t actually have Verandah installed on our machines.

ALICE: That’s not important. What is important is that your customers don’t KNOW that you don’t have Verandah installed on your machines, and you can tell them anything you like.

SCOTT: So you want us to lie.

ALICE: Scott, telling the truth isn’t always the best course of action… if you were at a store, and the cashier accidentally gave you a twenty dollar bill when making change, would you tell the truth?



ALEX: I think you broke my sister.

SCOTT: I didn’t mean to.

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