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Comic Transcript

JIM WASHINGTON: Mr. Schreck, what led Ubersoft to enter into this arrangement with Uniqque?

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Well, Jim, it’s because we care about our customers.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: We know they want to be able to run Linux in the corporate world, and we also know that they’re worried that if they do we will sue them so hard their corporate infrastructure will be reduced to a heap of smoking ash. We know they don’t WANT to violate our patents, but Linux, being free, is just too tempting a lure. So we’re trying to help them by making some allowances.


VIKTOR SCHRECK: Well, customers who use Uniqque’s version of Linux will be placed on our “List of People We Will Not Sue For Violating Our Intellectual Property by Using Linux.”

JIM WASHINGTON: You have a list for that?

VIKTOR SCHRECK: It’s a very short list.

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