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Comic Transcript

ALEX: Hey, Mark.

MARK: Hey Alex. How was your holiday?

ALEX: It was all right. Went to my parents for Christmas. Whole family was there. We got to witness my father’s latest passion.


ALEX: He’s become enamored with animatronic holiday decorations. He’s been slowly building up his Christmas lawn display, and this year he unveiled his crowning achievement.

MARK: Do I want to know what it is?

ALEX: Probably not. He’s been building the nativity story in their front yard. he started with the basic manger scene, then the next year he added the wise men approaching the manger. On camel, of course.

MARK: Of course.

ALEX: And last year he created something of a stir in the neighborhood when he created the scene where the entire angelic host appears before the shepherds, singing Alleluia. At outdoor concert sound levels, of course.

MARK: … of course.

ALEX: But this year, when he unveiled Herod’s army, slaughtering all the male children of Bethlehem, they actually called the police.

MARK: You have a strange family.

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