A Different Line Of Attack

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Comic Transcript

JIM WASHINGTON: Good evening. Tonight we return with more coverage of the business agreement that is shocking the industry: the multi-million dollar agreement between Ubersoft, creator of the Nifty Doorways operating system, and Uniqque, a company specializing in networking software and distributor of a popular brand of Linux.

JIM WASHINGTON: With me tonight is Viktor Schreck, chief legal council for Ubersoft. Mr. Schreck, thank you for taking the time to join us tonight.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: My pleasure, Jim.

JIM WASHINGTON: Mr. Schreck, why did Ubersoft enter into this arrangement with Uniqque?

VIKTOR SCHRECK: The thing with SCO wasn’t working out.

NEWS TICKERTAPE: Breaking: SCLM licenses electronic news tickertape vowel technology from Ubersoft : Ubersoft promises not to charge us “too much money.”

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