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All The Pieces Fall Into Place

Comic Transcript

ALEX: How did you get married?

MARK: Forget how…. When did you have the TIME?

BOSS: Ah, Binky… at last you have returned to your rightful place, here at Ubersoft.

MONK: It was the day before we went to Binkyland. Viktor was asleep, you guys were asleep — I couldn’t sleep. I got bored.

BINKY: Glad to be back, Skipper!

DRINKY: Whatever.

ALEX: You got bored so you got married???

MONK: I got bored so I decided to check out the hotel casino.

BOSS: Now that you have returned I can resume my goal to dominate this world, and inflict terror and suffering on all mankind.

ALEX: You got broke so you got married?

MONK: Actually, I won quite a lot fo money at the blackjack table. During the celebration that followed I met this girl…

MARK: … and THEN you got married.

DRINKY: Oh give me a break. You’re tryin’ to tell me that the only thing that kept you from taking over the world was that you needed a paperclip with the mental capacity of a small child?


ALEX: So what’s her name?

MONK: I have no idea.

BOSS: I find that I am not as fond of your wiser, embittered self.

DRINKY: On second thought, that was unfair to small children.

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